Support the growth of WarBall with our Non-Profit Foundation. Our store has Warrior Casual Clothing and accessories, and all profits are split to grow the non-profit league and to Fair Trade charities. Pay it Forward when you buy from Bud-Shido’s 84. For more information on the communities we support overseas please click on our “About” page or here

WARBALL– Promotes global understanding by combining the cultures of East and West, includes women warriors, and is also safer for youth to play.

We are the first to reinvent football with 26 Martial Artists in a football game called WarBall. Tackling and blocking is still allowed, but only after a MMA type move or strike or engagement of one of our safe weapons. This greatly reduces high speed collisions from any direction and places emphasis on skill , not strength. This allows women and smaller people to SAFELY play. Our main weapon is the Bo staff, though players whose hands need to free (Running backs, Wide Receivers, Defensive Backs) have safe (poycarbonate) swords magnetically attached to the back side of the chest armor. We have women archers on field and on horseback with safe arrows, Muzzled pursuit canines, trained to go after the ball and if any part of the dog touches the ball carrier or ball, it is a tackle. Speaking of the ball, it is also a fighting stick, and throws beautifully, like a javelin. for more info