When you buy 84 brand merchandise you support  the non-profit Nations BangBall League and WarBall team operations. WarBall is commited through sports to bring the cultures of East and West closer together, promote gender equity and development of our youth.  We at  84 Foundation recognize supports overseas or Central American labor by returning profits to the community support organizations from where the products originated

The average factory worker in China makes $3.50 and hour. That is 5 and one-half times less than the average in the USA..Note the poor seating postures due to lack of proper ergonomics.

Upon a customer purchasing a item, we save a few dollars  per item over the advertised price.

If the factory is Fair Trade Certified, we may or may not contribute depending on the average wages paid at that location. Local charities may be selected if all else fails.

Eventually, the Foundation will travel to the place of manufacture and personally distribute the funds  to the community.

WarBall (www.bangball.org) is a global enterprise engaged in the sport of football mixed with Martial Arts,  and will travel extensively as it competes with other countries. We hope our 84  brand will get much exposure due to its ownership of WarBall, and vice versa.

Disclaimer: We are an extremely small company and new (founded in early 2020 but in hiatus while waiting for WarBall to grow) .We are uncertain as to how the disbursement will work so the current plan might be modified. We have limited travel experience in Asia, and may meet resistance from the authorities. Not that this would stop us,  in the worst case we will donate to charities local to the factories, but will make every attempt  to pass on partial profits to the community.

Our Core Beliefs and the ’84’ Brand:

Bud-Shido’s 84 Foundation is a combination of a human potential movement, and, in order to  spread its brand and philosophy, a  non-profit textile and personal accessories  manufacturer. We will use our new sport of WarBall to bring cultures together and further promote our belief system.

‘Be What You Wear 84’ is the company’s slogan.

Our mission is to promote a belief system combining the 8 ethical codes of Bushido (Samurai code of ethics)  and 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism in conjunction with the Buddhism’s 8 paths. 

Bud-Shido’s 84 is the combined names of these two beliefs plus the 8’s and the 4 and is what the Foundation calls itself. Buddhism also has a long history with Martial Arts and ties in well with WarBall.

Our Foundation will inspire people to incorporate  the outwardly ethical codes of conduct of Bushido and inwardly self-compassionate principles of Buddhism in their daily lives.

In doing so, the Foundation believes a person’s overall well being and spiritual life will be enhanced or magnified many times over. WarBall is the physical manifestation of the 84 brand. Our players will be respectful and show restraint as typified in dojos and play in a more civilized version of football.

We specialize in casual and athletic wear of predominantly red, black and white colors and prominently display its 84 logo. Its style and embellishments will be symbolic of its  philosophical  and Samurai  roots. In short, the Warrior-Priest.  We hope someday the 84 will be a recognized symbol worldwide of our brand, WarBall and what it stands for.

Be What You Wear 84′